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Software Development • From £32,000 to £36,000 per annum

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Who are you ? Someone curious, passionate about IT, who wants to learn and contribute; someone with a few years experience already, who understands that hand-in-hand with the fun, creative aspect, comes a responsibility to test, debug, & think about what’s required to make a project work for a client.

Who are we ? We build software and manage projects that help people and hopefully make things better. Obviously we have to pay the bills, so we'll take on work that may not always achieve that lofty aim, but predominantly we want to do "good things". It's a small positive team, we're growing, and the future looks bright.

What's the role ? You're going to be working initially on a significant project, learning how the product works, adding new functionality, building micro-services from existing prototypes, adding new data entities. There'll be some (infrequent) support issues to deal with. But it's important and you'll have to be prepared to (eventually) take on the responsibility, but always supported by the rest of the team.

What skills are we looking for in someone ? We have developed our own in-house framework based around an extendable API and a micro-services back-end architecture. So you will need as much experience in web technologies as possible, both front & back. The usual back-end suspects: LAMP stack, PHP, Python, AWS, micro-service development, OO design patterns .... while on the front end, a decent smattering of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Laravel/CodeIgniter framework…

Where are we ? We have a dedicated office in Central Bath. You'll be working here Mon-Fri. After a while, we'd expect you to be able to go to clients' sites (mostly local, so don't get too excited just yet thinking it might be a trip to New York or Nassau), but at least it'd be a trip out of the office (which is quite nice!).

Anything else ? 

  • We work as a team - technical problems are aired & discussed; it's the best way to solve them. This may also entail joining in with office chit-chat, putting up with bad (dad) jokes etc., so not really an environment where working with headphones on for 8 hours is going be a daily occurrence! 
  • Everyone likes to throw 'Agile' around as a buzz-phrase - but it's a modern term that doesn't really change how things have been done in the past (the irony being that by imposing multiple scrums, stand-ups etc., you're actually losing the main point of 'Agile' in the first place!).Well, we're agile in the true sense of the word - lean, fast & get things done. 
  • You should also be good at boiling water - the team thrives & survives on a seemingly constant supply of hot drinks.

Apply now & join in time for our Christmas ‘do’ !


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